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  • Website or widget for booking tables online

    Minimize overbooking Quick booking Convenient administrator calendar

    Book a table at your favorite restaurant online quickly and easily. Enjoy a hassle-free experience thanks to our simple and convenient platform.

    Advantages of our platform

    Our specialists have worked well to ensure that your customers can enjoy their order.

    • Convenient online booking

      Get a website or widget with a convenient form for making an online table reservation in a few steps

    • Increase in attendance

      Get the opportunity to charge a prepayment per person online for booking a table

    • Wide and flexible setting

      Set up reservations by many criteria, different halls, opening hours, prepayment for reservations, a branded widget for your own website, and much more

    Why is SmartOne Click beneficial?

    We have taken into account all the details of the service so that the owners of HoReCa businesses receive maximum benefit and support.

    SmartOne ClickAnother serviceYour site
    Launch dateA couple of minutes7-14 days30+ days
    The need for programmersNoDepends on the development of the serviceYes
    Development cost--$2000+
    SubscriptionGet detailed information$50+/month-
    ImprovementsAutomatic improvement and addition of new featuresDepends on the service$1000/month

    Opportunities for you

    A stylish website from us or an online table booking widget, a program with a convenient up-to-date calendar for administrator's booking management, booking history, customer CRM system, full integration of bookings with POS and much more

    Website or widget for table reservations

    • The restaurant offers online table reservations through the platform.
    • Customers can choose the date, time, and number of guests to book.
    • The platform automatically displays available options based on the restaurant's settings.
    • After a successful booking, the platform sends a confirmation to both the customer and the restaurant.
    • The administrator has a convenient application with a calendar, QR code scanner, history, and flexible filters for managing bookings
    Website or widget for table reservations

    Getting feedback from your customers

    • Reputation Enhancement: Receiving positive customer feedback can enhance an organization's reputation and increase trust among potential customers.
    • Improving service quality: Receiving feedback from customers can help an organization identify weaknesses and improve the quality of its services.
    • Increasing competitiveness: Getting feedback from customers can help an organization rise above the competition and make itself more competitive.
    • Increasing the number of customers: Positive feedback from customers can help an organization attract new customers and increase their number.
    Getting feedback from your customers