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    QR menu for your

    Convenient viewing Calling the waiters Changes in a minute

    A platform with which you do not need to worry about a paper menu,
    and your customers will be satisfied with the order

    Convenient electronic QR-menu for your organization

    Advantages of our platform

    SmartOne Click specialists have done a good job of ensuring that your customers can enjoy their order.

    • Convenient menu in mobile

      No need to wait for a waiter from the menu or look for him around the establishment. Scan the QR code to access the menu.

    • Increase in revenue

      Connect the convenient QR code of the menu, increase the number of orders, increase the number of customers.

    • Cost reduction

      Reduce the cost of replacing and printing a paper menu, change the electronic menu in two clicks in a matter of minutes.

    • Call waiters from the phone

      Customers don't need to wait or look for waiters, connect the "Call a waiter" function to quickly receive orders.

    • Wide and flexible setting

      Customize menu templates, categories and different prices for each. Adjust the price depending on the day of the week and the recommended products for each of them.

    • Add a stylish Delivery site

      Together with the QR menu, you can connect a stylish delivery and takeout site for your organization to any number of establishments in different cities and all this in one program.

    Why is SmartOne Click beneficial?

    We have taken into account all the details of the service so that the owners of HoReCa businesses receive maximum benefit and support.

    SmartOne ClickAnother serviceYour site
    Launch dateA couple of minutes7-14 days30+ days
    The need for programmersNoDepends on the development of the serviceYes
    Development cost--$2000+
    SubscriptionGet detailed information$50+/month-
    ImprovementsAutomatic improvement and addition of new featuresDepends on the service$1000/month

    Opportunities for you

    Convenience for you and your visitors. QR code of the menu. Online ordering via smartphone. Apple pay/Google pay payment via QR code. Calling waiters to the table. Order history. And much more.

    Online or QR menu

    • Menu editing in minutes
    • Call waiters to the table using a QR code
    • Order and pay for your order using your smartphone
    • It does not require costs and time to print and update the menu
    • Reduces costs by 30% and increases sales by 20-40%
    Online or QR menu

    Getting feedback from your customers

    • Reputation Enhancement: Receiving positive customer feedback can enhance an organization's reputation and increase trust among potential customers.
    • Improving service quality: Receiving feedback from customers can help an organization identify weaknesses and improve the quality of its services.
    • Increasing competitiveness: Getting feedback from customers can help an organization rise above the competition and make itself more competitive.
    • Increasing the number of customers: Positive feedback from customers can help an organization attract new customers and increase their number.
    Getting feedback from your customers