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    SmartOne Click is a platform that enables restaurants and HoReCa businesses manage orders, delivery and QR menus without the need for in-house IT technology.

    Get new customers from the Internet

    SmartOne Click is HoReCa automation system you should employ!

    • Convenient interaction

      • Manage delivery site, QR menu orders, online menu in one application.
      • Online table reservation, establishment on the map and route to it.
      • Flexible Bonus program for your customers
    • Advanced analysis

      • Analytics for any period and complete history of sales on SmartOne Click.
      • A complete database of all customers who bought your products on our platform
      • Sending announcements, innovations, promotions and any other messages for SmartOne Click users
    • Better recognition

      • You will get more customers.
      • Your organization will always be advertised.
      • Customers will get a convenient service to interact with you.

    Our products and capabilities for you

    Convenience for you and your visitors. Delivery, takeaway site. Menu QR code. Online menu. POS system. Table reservation online. Purchase history. Full business analytics. Places on the map. And more.

    Platform for on-line ordering and delivery

    • A full-fledged effective site in a stylish design
    • Quick notification of new orders
    • Flexible designer for setting up Delivery or Pickup
    • No commission on orders, as is usually arranged in other aggregators
    • All your orders are always in front of your eyes - integration of messages with Telegram
    Platform for on-line ordering and delivery

    Online or QR menu

    • Menu editing in minutes
    • Call waiters to the table using a QR code
    • Order and pay for your order using your smartphone
    • It does not require costs and time to print and update the menu
    • Reduces costs by 30% and increases sales by 20-40%
    Online or QR menu

    Website or widget for table reservations

    • The restaurant offers online table reservations through the platform.
    • Customers can choose the date, time, and number of guests to book.
    • The platform automatically displays available options based on the restaurant's settings.
    • After a successful booking, the platform sends a confirmation to both the customer and the restaurant.
    • The administrator has a convenient application with a calendar, QR code scanner, history, and flexible filters for managing bookings
    Website or widget for table reservations

    Getting feedback from your customers

    • Reputation Enhancement: Receiving positive customer feedback can enhance an organization's reputation and increase trust among potential customers.
    • Improving service quality: Receiving feedback from customers can help an organization identify weaknesses and improve the quality of its services.
    • Increasing competitiveness: Getting feedback from customers can help an organization rise above the competition and make itself more competitive.
    • Increasing the number of customers: Positive feedback from customers can help an organization attract new customers and increase their number.
    Getting feedback from your customers

    Flexible loyalty program - "Bonus program"

    • No need to invent different promotions
    • The possibility of including Bonuses for each order
    • Any product can be disconnected from the bonus program
    • You can set your own bonus percentage for each product
    • Customers will come back to you to redeem their own bonuses
    Flexible loyalty program - "Bonus program"

    Admin panel

    • Monitoring and analytics own business
    • Get quick control over the menu
    • Customize orders and deliveries flexibly
    • Any booking settings for your organization
    • Add employees and manage permissions for them
    • Customer database management
    Admin panel

    Api integrations

    • Integrate with online ordering platforms and delivery providers to automatically dispatch orders and track their progress
    • Interaction with cash register systems for order accounting, payment and reporting.
    • Integration with booking systems.
    • Integration with inventory management systems and orders from suppliers.
    • Exchange data with customer relationship management systems to analyze and increase custom base.
    • Integration with social media platforms for auto update restaurant information and attract customer attention.
    • Interaction with analytics systems to track key data and generate reports.
    Api integrations

    Android POS SmartONE Bank Pro

    Connect android POS SmartONE Bank Pro with SmartOne Click and get full integration of all features with the cash register

    • Printer

      Built-in terminal, receipt is printed immediately after payment, no additional device required.

    • ECR

      The terminal works like a standard electronic cash register, successfully passes inspections and covers all payment scenarios.

    • 2D/3D scanner

      With the scanner, you can quickly scan items by barcode or GTIN, speeding up the purchasing process and simplifying warehouse management.

    • Payment terminal

      With our POS you can accept MasterCard, VISA, Union Pay, American Express, and use ApplePay and GooglePay.

    • Fiscal register

      With the state's online purchase registration system, the terminal automatically transmits the information to the tax authorities.

    • Customisation options

      From 1000 MOQ we could customise our devices with your corporate colours and logo.

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • American express
    • UnionPay

    Connect 20+ technologies to empower your organization

    Advantages SmartOne Click

    Here are many more benefits to start automating your business with SmartOne Click

    • Process efficiency:

      Order and Booking Management: Accelerating order processing, minimizing errors and optimizing the number of staff.

    • Digital Menu:

      Attractive visual menu. Easy and fast of making changes, managing prices and promos.

    • Swift service:

      Automation of the order and payment process reduces customer service time and increases the speed of table turnover.

    • Wide range of payment options:

      Clients can pay by card through the application, in cash or by bank card through a waiter’s terminal including bonuses

    • Loyalty programs and marketing promos:

      Easy implementation of loyalty programs, discounts and promotions to attract new customers and retain regular ones.

    • Easy API integration:

      Ability to integrate with external services such as online ordering and delivery platforms.

    • Communication via chatbot, between employees:

      Automatic notifications to all participants via a chatbot, including push notifications to waiters’ devices, as well as to the kitchen and bar.

    • The SmartONE Click platform makes it possible to automate all processes in the restaurant business:

      All modules are dedicated parts of a single complex. There is no need to integrate products from different manufacturers - all from one end!